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We are so fortunate to have the generosity of many who make it possible for us to support our community through your YMCA.

If you have already made a gift – Thank YOU! - please read this story and know that your money has made a difference.  If you have not had a chance to make an investment in your community through the YMCA, please read on and consider joining in to help others in our community.

I want to share with you Susan’s story. 

While enjoying a summer walk in August along Blockhouse Island, I came across Susan, one of our YMCA members.  Susan was with her kids and it struck me that Susan was always with her kids!  I recalled how I often saw Susan, virtually every evening, at the YMCA.  She was busy studying as her kids were engaged in a wide variety of programs; Kids Club, swimming, cooking class, for her daughter and her son; lifeguarding courses, drop in basketball, volunteering or working as a co-op student.  It occurred to me that I was always impressed by Susan and her kids - she was clearly working hard studying something - I now know a PSW program. 

Never one to be shy, I told her how impressed I was by what she had done - studying and parenting and providing opportunities for her kids to be engaged in healthy activity  - by this time she had graduated and was employed in her field. It was then that she told me that she would not have been able to go to school and be the parent she was without the YMCA Financial Assistance program.

Please understand…as the CEO, I work hard to ensure a level playing field at the YMCA - I do not typically know who is financially assisted and who is not, unless someone chooses to tell me.  I felt a great sense of pride - pride in our community, pride in our donors as this family is clearly a great investment!  And personal pride in the work we do and the opportunities that we are able to make happen when we work together.

Last year 1,250 individuals accessed life enhancing YMCA programs and services as a direct result of those who choose to support their community through the YMCA. 143 kids had the time of their life a camp - At any given time one in four has this opportunity at our YMCA.

As the year draws to a close, I hope you will consider putting the YMCA on your gift list.

I love our community and want to further impact the health of those living in our community.  I believe deeply in the role of our YMCA to make positive change for individuals and families like Susan’s.  Please join me in providing opportunities for others.

I also want to take this opportunity to wish you the very best of this Holiday Season.


Diana Deakin-Thomas, CFRE

Past CEO

YMCA of Brockville and Area

PS: To Give: Please see any of our friendly staff at the front desk next time you are in the YMCA, pop in to see me or go to online donation