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Kawa Kan (River House) Karate Club

We are excited that you have chosen to become part of the Kawa Kan (River House) Karate Club family, thank you!

We are committed to providing a positive experience for all participants. To help us achieve this goal, we thank you for your cooperation with the following expectations:

Club Member Etiquette:

  1. All members of River House Karate will at all times show respect to other members as well as to the Senseis
  2. Members will bow on the way in to the dojo as well as on the way out of the dojo
  3. Show respect to your instructor by not speaking while Sensei is talking
  4. Be on time and ready to go


  Hygiene and Safety:

  1. All members will ensure that their bodies and karate suits are clean before presenting themselves for training.
  2. The wearing of rings, bracelets, belt buckles, watches, hooped earrings are not to be worn during training
  3. Fingernails and toenails are the be kept short for the safety of all


Junior members:

  1. Are not allowed to kick, punch or strike to the face, throat or groin
  2. When free sparring, control must always be exercised 
  3. Control is when a technique stops just before making contact
  4. Bullying of any form will not be allowed whether inside or out of the club
  5. What you learn in the dojo stays in the dojo 


Senior members:

  1. When free sparring you must obey the rules of Ontario Karate Federation
  2. When working with lower belt members remember both sides should have control



  1. No one shall leave the dojo without one of the Senseis knowing about it
  2. All participants must be signed in to and out of program. Children under 10 must be signed in and out by someone who is not less than 16 years of age.

For more more information, please see the manual.