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YMCA Child Development Centre

Your children are safe under the care of our licensed staff members.

Before & After School Care

Your child receives the best education program to learn in interactive ways.

Early Learning And Care

Develop the foundation of your child’s learning with our educational programs.

Licensed Home Child Care

Interview caretakers and home school professionals for your kids to take care of them at home.

Child Care And Resources

We provide a wide range of facilities, care, and opportunities for kids.

Playing to Learn & Registration

Interactive gaming sessions that help your children grow while they enjoy the games.

About Us

Since the 1860's, this YMCA has served the residents of the area in numerous ways. building of our own into those early years, we rented rooms to run educational programs. We've also served as a hub to help underprivileged kids learn how to create income for themselves by building their own businesses from the ground up like Junk Removal Inglewood

What We Offer

We offer a wide range of online educational programs that help our students with their studies and training programs.

Schedules & Guides

Learn about our programs and get online consultancy.

Total Life Care

We provide lifetime education insurance for your children.

Youth Recreation

Our programs are designed to offer quality support to your child’s learning.

Meet the Team

Our team of expert consultants, licensed educators, and program developers provide quality care and an engaging learning environment.




Why Choose Us

Personal Training

Call your personal trainer at home or take online sessions for learning whenever you want.

Online Registration

Learn about our programs and fill up the form for a quick registration process. Our agent will give you a call.

Specialized Programs

Our special Montessori program will help your students understand the subjects in creative ways.


Our education program has successfully served over 15,000 students. Here is what the parents have to say about us.

Thelma R Avalos

I could see my child showing interest in the subjects like never before. I feel the encouragement to take challenges is what really motivated my son to study. I would definitely recommend this program to parents.

Thelma R Avalos

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